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Mission Statement:


We support:

The Gideons International

Christian Missions Society, Peru - Steve and Dianna Hill

Global Outreach Merida Mexico - Ricardo and Ana Santana

SERGE, Prauge, Czech Republic - Jake and Melissa Hunt

Reformed University Fellowship

  • Chris and Sara Jane Horne (Appalachian State University)
  • Chuck and Lauren Askew (North Carolina State University)

Mission to the World

  • Scott and Ruth Hill (Cherokee Nation)
  • Sam and Elizabeth Goodwin (Germany)
  • Sandra Hart and Michelle DeLeon (Phillipines Street Children Ministry)
  • Michael and Lindie Wadham (Lummi Nation)
  • Charles and Bonita Davidson (Mexico)
  • Jeremy and Gina Sink (Japan)

For direct contact information or for information on HOw to support these Missionaries, please contact the church office by email or by phone at (910) 692-5834.